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Jared and Corin

Dad Makes Ice Cream Truck Halloween Costume For Son Who Uses A Wheelchair

  Happy Halloween! Here is a really touching video of a father who makes an ice cream truck Halloween costume for his son who uses a wheelchair–Enjoy! Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Halloween!  
by The Fathers' Lounge


Craft Dad – Crafting with Pumpkins

      Halloween is almost here and one of the most memorable things about this holiday is carving a pumpkin. So grab your kids and find some time to decorate your house with all sorts of interestingly carved pump...
by The Fathers' Lounge


Picture This: Preserve Your Memories, Even if they’re Digital

What do people grab when they are forced to leave their home in a disaster such as a fire or a flood? After accounting for other members of their family and pets – they usually run back into the building for their photographs...
by Dan Unger


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