Rainy Weekend Project: Extract Your Own DNA Using Household Items

April showers bring more than May flowers – they bring out the need for your creativity when the playground isn’t an option. NOVA on PBS came up with this interesting idea for those of us who will be stuck in doors this wee...
by William Scheckel

Home Depot vs Lowes Projects Race Cars 1

Saturday Projects: Lowes vs. Home Depot

Ahh the weekend. What to do, what to do? Both Lowes and Home Depot have an answer for you: handiwork projects with your kids. So far, we’ve built monster trucks, race cars, bird feeders and there’s a basketball hoop game co...
by William Scheckel



Cool Dad Project-Make Your Own Rocket

Have you ever dreamed of being an astronaut and heading into space? Well, this project might not help you become an astronaut, but at least you’ll be able to build your own rocket and see it soar into the sky. This is the...
by The Fathers' Lounge


Cool Dad Project! Build a Cigar Box Guitar

Having no practical skills of my own, I think it’s totally cool to see other guys in action when it comes to fun projects for a rainy afternoon. Make no mistake, I’m always happy to try and do this at home, but my h...
by William Scheckel


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