November 24, 2013

The Comic Book Show – or, Why Won’t My Friends Tell Me I’m Crazy?

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Written by: William Scheckel

Comic-Book-Show-FundraiserThe date is set: December 15th will be my first comic book show. I have to say, whenever I went to the comic books shows in North Jersey, I never thought I’d ever stand on their side of the table. I’ll never know a tenth of much as those guys or EVER have that many comics. Funny how things work out.

And the location is set: the super-cool kids’ music and dance school in Montclair, MADLOM, where my son would spend every afternoon if he could, offered to sponsor the event. Now we’re holding it in their space on 40 South Fullerton in the First Congregational Church. We have to be out by 5, so the show will run from 9 to 3. Any stragglers will have to be put to work cleaning up!

And now, more and more people are helping. The organizer of the NJ Comic Book Shows, John Paul, has been a huge help and insists I’m not nuts for trying to hold a massive one-day comic sale. Toy and comic dealer John Maher is pitching in, the organizers of cultural event in town, Seed, will be moving tables and unloading boxes and local comic artists will be there to help make the day great fun.

When I went to my first comic book show as an adult, I was impressed how nice most people were. And every dealer was someone you wanted to grab a beer with and they were all generous to my son with trades, pins or even just high-fives for a shy little boy who really appreciates it. I think what motivated me to want to help Angie was that I felt this was a community that doesn’t just collect stories of heroism and kindness despite overwhelming evil, they are inspired by those stories to actually make their corner of the world a little better. It made me feel like it was only right to give back to the community that welcomed us in so readily.

With any luck, most, if not all of these comic books will sell. A portion of the proceeds will then go to Angie (gotta pay for the room and other details). But before I can do that math, I need to make sure I bring enough singles that day. And someone needs to keep my son from bidding on the stuff for auction!

It should be an interesting day. And if it’s not, I assume I get to yell at all my friends for letting me go through with this – because at this point, it’s too late to tell me I’m crazy for doing this.

Here’s where to find the show:

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William Scheckel
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