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June 5, 2012

Ask The Nanny: My Nanny Moved…Can we All Keep In Touch?!

Our first Nanny moved away and we have found someone equally as good to replace her, but the kids miss her already!  Is it okay to keep in touch? Is that weird?

No! Not at all weird, at least from my perspective it is incredibly sweet! Your nanny becomes part of the family, and depending on her hours….she may have spent just as much face time with your kiddos as you do.  Before your Nanny left I am sure you sat down and explained the situation to your kiddos (or at least I hope someone new didn’t just show up one day).  Kids need regularity and transitioning one caretaker in and the other out is an important process.  Your children should see your old Nanny interacting with the new one, so they will feel comfortable as well.

Knowing that their original Nanny is happy with who will be taking care of them goes a long way.  Children crave stability and schedules (even if they won’t admit it).  Assuming that your Nanny’s departure was on good terms there is no reason why everyone can’t stay in touch.  I still get Holiday and Birthday Cards from my former Nanny family, and when I am in town (I try) and stop by and bring birthday/holiday gifts.  Nanny is probably just as attached to your kiddos as they are to her.  There is nothing weird or wrong about it.  Especially in this age of technology, text/email her a picture of the kids with a short update of their milestones.

Since your kids have now learned that people will come and go in their lives, take this situation and create something positive.  Teach them how to maintain positive relationships with people who don’t live in their area – they will have to learn eventually!

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About the Author

Sadie Horan
Sadie is a full time Grad Student and Virtual Intern extraordinaire. She has two teaching certificates and is in pursuit of a Masters in Learning Systems Design and Technology. She also spent her post-collegiate years as a full time Nanny for a professional couple in Chicago, IL. Ask the Nanny is a marriage of her favorite things: social media and telling other people what to do!

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