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April 27, 2012

Beyonce – Daddy

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Written by: The Fathers' Lounge
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Asterio Tescon




A Beautiful Song about a Daughter’s Love for her Father!


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“Daddy” —–TJ Loughran

      Happy Friday! Hope you all have an amazing weekend! Dads are the first love in a young girl’s life. This song explains how special this first love is.
by The Fathers' Lounge


“Daddy Raised a Boy,” Scott Miller

Happy Monday! How was everyone’s weekend? To start off the week, here is a wonderful song about parents overall. This song emphasizes the truth that every child finds hard to believe, that their parents are just people an...
by The Fathers' Lounge


Baby Copies Daddy

    We, as a parent, act as a role model for our children. Every child aspires to be like their father or mother so we should set a good example for them to follow. Watch how this adorable little baby copies his daddy...
by The Fathers' Lounge


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