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March 3, 2012

Saturday Projects: Lowes vs. Home Depot

Home Depot vs Lowes Projects Race Cars 1Ahh the weekend. What to do, what to do?

Both Lowes and Home Depot have an answer for you: handiwork projects with your kids. So far, we’ve built monster trucks, race cars, bird feeders and there’s a basketball hoop game coming up soon. Every time they do one, it’s a different, simple project for you and your kids.

Have you ever been? What did you think?

Here’s our breakdown of what the two stores offer:

Home Depot

When: Once a month (usually the first Saturday of the month)
How to sign up: No registration, just show up
Details: Show up whenever you want within the times they list – 9 to noon around here, but they could run out at any time
The projects: Simple wooden projects with pre-drilled holes
Guidance: Supervisor walks around in case you need help
Extras: Orange work apron and a pin for the project


When: Every other Saturday
How to sign up: Preregister (though usually you can get in anyway)
Details: Show up the specific time listed
The projects: Simple wooden projects with pre-drilled holes
Guidance: Supervisor walks around in case you need help
Extras: Blue work apron, goggles and a patch for the project


Lowes wins for frequency in my book, and for the goggles, which Home Depot doesn’t offer. The kids may not need them for these projects, but if they like to work with you when you’re doing projects, it’s best to get them into the habit.

Since my son (5 yrs) just built a race car at each place in two consecutive weeks, here’s a rundown of the activity and the quality of the cars.

Home Depot

5 nails
Multiple stickers
Plastic wheels
Solid wood
Stained orange


8 nails
Multiple stickers
Rubber wheels
Sound effects button
Wooden chassis
Thick cardboard bottom

Rainy day project race carsFor me, the one from Lowes is a little better than the one from Home Depot. While I don’t like the thick cardboard bottom (you can see in the pictures it’s already chewed up), the rubber wheels are quieter and faster. The fact that it has sound effects is pretty cool, too. It’s also smoother overall, while the one from Home Depot isn’t as finely sanded. Home Depot also requires slightly less work, which in my book is a negative, since this is a project you want to spend some time on. But since it’s solid wood, the Home Depot car is much more durable

Bottom Line: I like Lowes a little better than Home Depot – they’re smart to hold these workshops twice as often as Home Depot and the quality is a little better. But both are fun and kids are going to love the results no matter where you go.

Have a fun weekend everyone!

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